● Tourist Information

Harajuku Kawaii Tour

Why don’t you come and experience the real “Kawaii” world? We provide guided tours around Harajuku area, Tokyo. In this tour, our guides, dressed in lolita style, will show you around every aspect of “Harajuku Kawaii,” including fashion, food, and entertainment.

Harajuku Kawaii Channel

Hello.I'm Hamuka.On this channel I post video about lolita fashion and kawaii things in Harajuku?

● Resignation Agency Service


For Resignation.

● メディア運用事業


● App Development

Mofu Mofu

The reader has been designed for an immersive experience of studying long Japanese texts or books.

Mofu Mofu

The very therapeutic "sheep" is actually very high in rushing power at "MofuMofu" and"FuwaFuwa".
We made a game about the vigorous body of sheep that's become a hot topic on video sites.

Supitan (Indonesian)

Simple app!

Supitan (Indonesian)

With over 2,000 words available, "Supitan" is one of the best Indonesian vocab-learning free educational games available!


Learn Japanese to be able to pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for levels 5, 4 and 3 in this fun, free educational app that is a must have for anyone wanting to increase their Japanese vocabulary!

Wedding Cake Tower

Can you predict three minutes of play?
※ Here is a new sense of gameplay that is quick to play and easy to pick up! ※ Compatible for all, why not try it out today!

● Kawaii & Art Management

Kawaii Planets

coming soon


coming soon


Introduce various creatures living on the earth.