Our Philosophy

"Go new style in the near future"近未来の新しいスタイルで行こう


Our challenge is to create a fun filled futuristic lifestyle that allows individuals to live the life that they want.


  • To increase the strength, energy and will to live of each individual.
  • To simplify life through the power of technology.
  • To flourish life through the power of art.


  • Demonstrating the creativity and humour needed to inspire change in the individual.
  • Constantly challenging new innovations without fear of risk or failure.
  • Striving to break the stereotypical status quo and rules that hamper free style and expression.
  • Promoting an emphasis on open, honest dialogue through sincere human relations.
  • Interacting with those who think out of the box to accelerate the exchange of new ideas.
  • Valuing every day, learning and growing.
  • Accepting change, open to flexibility, living like water.

Representative Message

What do we leave for future generations?

We are currently witnessing the end of an era. With a rise in unemployment, bankruptcy, disparity, recessions, world upheaval, environmental destruction, we are on the precipice of a new stage of human civilization. Thus in recent years, common sense and universal understanding has become confused and opaque.

In terms of globalization, technology and progressive advances in IT, the world has been evolving exponentially with a growing movement and explosion of goods and information. Those that fail to recognize these changes will evidently be left behind and struggle to survive in this transformation of eras.

While the world is changing rapidly and will continue to do so, it is also crucial that we not lose sight of core values, universal human rights, social responsibilities, and respect for the environment. It is through these simple yet paramount ideas and emotions that in these turbulent times we here at Blue Impact strive for and cherish the,

"Go New Style" Spirit

It is precisely at these times of change that flexibility in all aspects no matter how subtle or how dramatic is crucial to ensuring success and growth.

Through the ever increasing speed in which AI, VR, supercomputers, IoT, robotics, Nano-technology and cybernetics etc. are advancing, the world of innovation is progressing like never before.

Yet this advancement of technologies is not limited simply to the digital world, for a renaissance of art, fashion, music, media and games have all been reinvigorated throughout this digital rebirth.

Thus it is here in this dramatic evolutionary step in the history of mankind that through the positive exchange and innovation of ideas that the power of art and the culture of our species as a whole can flourish and advance to higher tiers.

So rather than repeating destructive steps as has been done endlessly before, let us endeavor to challenge the status quo and create a truly creative, truly positive global society which is,

Fun, New and Free!

A world which inspires the will to live, succeed and give back to others.

A world which offers freedom of choice and encourages creativity.

A world which strengthens and energizes all.

So having survived the present and aiming for a bright tomorrow, we need to focus on having a;

Futuristic free spirit,
Futuristic lifestyle,
Futuristic social system.

Each and every one of us has the power to make choices and take actions each and every day that affect how tomorrow will be.

So in this new era, with so many small steps and hurdles towards growth and elevation,

Let’s step forward together!

"Go New Style"